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Every WARCO floor is optimally matched to the desired use!

Vor dem Hintergrund der Schweizer Alpen ist ein Chalet mit großzügig angelegter Terrasse in den Hang gebaut. Die Terrasse selbst ist mit quadratischen Terrassenplatten von WARCO im Farbdesign heller Granit belegt.

The click system joins the WARCO tiles to form a permanently connected carpet of tiles. The tiles are simply laid on the subfloor - without gluing or screwing - and can also be laid again.

WARCO floor coverings are ideal for DIY enthusiasts and flooring professionals. They are suitable for new buildings as well as for renovations or events.

The pleasant, resilient and non-slip floor coverings from WARCO are sound and impact sound insulating. They are naturally weather and frost resistant, durable, easy to care for and maintenance-free.

For your project - the better flooring!

Fall protection slabs & fall protection mats
Terrace tiles & decking
System floor for sport & workout
Stable mats & paddock flooring
Tiles for new build & renovation
Safe swimming pool tiles
Fitness mats & floor protection mats
Maintenance-free playground flooring
Non-slip stair coverings
Tread-elastic paving slabs
Ball boards for the playing field
Dog mats for sport & behaviour
Exhibition flooring and contract flooring
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Use the WARCO APPs and plan to measure

In just a few steps, test your desired floor covering on site with your smartphone, or use our installation planner.

  1. Select your desired product and start the preview.
  2. Mark the area to be laid and select the appropriate colour.
  3. Determine the number of pieces of flooring required with the help of the installation planner.

Select floor covering for installation

AR App
Mit hochgeklappten Flügeln parkt eine einmotorige Propellermaschine, vermutlich ein Kampfflugzeug aus dem Zweiten Weltkrieg, auf der Landebahn der Modellflug-Gemeinschaft Kitzingen. Die schwarze Landebahn besteht aus WARCO Platten aus Gummigranulat. Nur bei genauem hinsehen erkennt man, dass man auf ein Modellflugzeug schaut.

The recipe makes the difference!

It is the unique combination of properties that makes every WARCO floor made of bonded rubber granulate so special and advantageous.

Whether you want the ultimate terrace flooring want to lay out a horse stall are looking for frost-resistant replacements for chipped tiles by the pool, need the vibration-damping fitness floor for your CrossFit box, want to build a play street or lay out a runway for small aircraft, whether your project is 5 m2 or 5,000 m2 in size: WARCO has the right floor for you.

Because there is not just one WARCO floor, there are hundreds of different types. And every WARCO floor is optimally matched to its intended use.

In the sum of its properties, a WARCO floor is superior to other floor coverings

Reference list - View WARCO floor coverings near you!

Tens of thousands of customers throughout Europe and overseas have relied on floor coverings from WARCO for years. Some locations where a WARCO floor has been installed are open to the public. You can therefore visit these locations in your area and see for yourself what a WARCO floor looks like after months or years of use.

Each blue pin corresponds to a reference object. After clicking on a pin, you will receive information on the location and year of installation as well as details on the product used. Of course, you will not find any private customers in the list, but only locations where WARCO assumes that there is free access for the public. The list is updated regularly; the information is without guarantee.

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